Our club's mission

The Norse IoT club is focused on student-led research and projects concerning Internet of Things devices and applications. We hope to foster a community for students, faculty, alumni, and industry professionals who are enthusiastic about the opportunities IoT has to offer.

The purpose and objectives of the club are to:

  • Share knowledge and ideas among students/faculty/industry
  • Establish a playground for IoT & Industry 4.0
  • Develop skills outside of the standard university curriculum
  • Foster an innovative and entrepreneurial environment
  • Partner with industry pros working on real-world, practical projects, and
  • Create an environment for work, tinkering & socializing.

Club members will perform hands-on projects with a variety of technologies, such as microcontrollers (ESP-32), sensors (LIDAR, ultrasonic, infrared, temperature, humidity, etc.), networks (Wi-Fi, LoRa), motion (motors, servos), and visual displays (TFT, OLED, LED, electrochromic). Projects are as varied as imagination allows.

Guest presentations from industry IoT experts will inform, educate, challenge, and entertain club members.

Students from all courses of study at NKU are welcome, as the club puts a priority on projects that are transdisciplinary, because IoT touches every aspect of life.

A collection of sensors and a screen shot of code in Arduino

Listen In. Leaders talk Norse IoT.

Learn in-demand skills. In a chill, peer-driven setting.

Learning about IoT and working on projects ties all the knowledge you've gained as a student together. IoT projects can involve coding, networking, electrical engineering, databases, cloud services, cybersecurity, devops, UI, and more. Truly, IoT is full-stack! In Norse IoT, you'll work side by side with other students, as you explore the techology you'll use to build the projects only you can dream up. And if The Weeknd or Billie Eilish is on playlist, turn it up.

A child screaming

Build your network. And build your network.

Connectedness matters, to people and digital devices. In n-IoT, you'll gain skills working with other people, while the devices you build learn to work with other devices. In both cases, the information shared makes the network better.

People dancing with robots

Smart people make dumb things smart. Checkmate.

IoT is at the forefront of the 4th industrial revolution. It's changing everything, from manufacturing and supply chain to consumer products like smart cars, solar panels, smart bulbs, and thermostats. But without smart people, these are just dumb devices. Just ask Siri. Or Alexa.

A banana with a computer attached

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Current Leadership

Photo of Kevin Muscara


, is a freshman studying Applied Software Engineering. He is currently working in the Informatics+ center in the College of Informatics.

Photo of Con Godsted

Vice President

, is a junior studying Computer Information Technology. He is currently working in the Informatics+ center in the College of Informatics and at the INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati.

Photo of Kristoffe Wilson


is the Treasurer of the club. A bio is forthcoming.

Photo of Sri Maligireddy


is the Treasurer of the club. A bio is forthcoming.

Previous Leadership

Photo of Nick Klaene

2021 President

, founding president of the club, studies Computer Science and Mathematics and works in Informatics+. Nick completed his final internship as an AWS Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Seattle the summer of 2022, and will relocate to Seattle to join Amazon following his December 2022 graduation.

Photo of Jonathan Makunga

2021 Vice President

, founding vice president of the club, studied Information Technology with a minor in Computer Science, and worked at Informatics+ during his time at NKU. After graduating in May 2022, he joined Amazon in Seattle as a AWS Software Engineer.